Cooking With The Chef is only a few days away!

Many and AlexusJust 2 more days until our third annual Cooking With The Chef event! Can’t wait to see what Chef Manny and the staff at Lucha Cantina have in store for our #teammates. This is the third year they have hosted the event. They shut the restaurant down and bring in local families who are battling cancer and they teach them how to Cook Like The Chef!

The first year we made Lucha Tots, last year it was homemade Salsa and Guacamole! Rumor has it Ice Cream is involved this year!

There is nothing like living in the state-line area. The news loves to tell you about all of the bad things happening in the community. What you don’t always hear about is the many great organizations we have in this town that are always giving back, organizations like Lucha Cantina!

I don’t know exactly what we will be making on Saturday at Lucha Cantina, but I promise you this, we will make a mess while doing it! 🙂


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