Family Support

Our goal is to make sure that no state-line family has to travel their childhood cancer journey alone! If you or a loved one are battling Childhood Cancer, we would like to help. There are times during the journey where it seems that the sun has stopped shining and may never break through the clouds again. You look around the house and realize that nobody has smiled for days. That’s where we come in!

žWe offer different “levels” of support, depending on the particular situation and the comfort level of the family:

Level 1 – Care package: The state line area is a tight knit community that knows how to take care of its own. We are grateful to the many businesses and citizens who financially support K Cancer Softball’s mission to support our families who are battling Childhood Cancer. Their financial support allows us to bring hope in the form of a Care Package.Care Package Flat Pic

Care packages have toys for the patient & their siblings, K Cancer Softball hats & shirts, and something to help the family (gas cards to help with treatment travel, parking vouchers,  etc…). There are so many variables to each situation that the needs, and therefore the Care Packages, vary from family to family. Care packages can be given during family visits or delivered to your care team.

Level 2 – Family Visits: After a childhood cancer diagnosis there is often support early on. After a time, many well meaning friends and family members drift away. K Cancer Softball is there for the long haul! This relationship starts with a family visit.

Families seatedDuring family visits, a coach and a player from our team meet with your family to get to know you a little better. This can be in your home or at our facility in Loves Park. The players deliver the care packages to the patient and their siblings, while the coaches provide gas and restaurant gift cards to the parents as a way of saying, “we understand some of the challenges you are facing”.

Family visits are a blast! We stop by for just a few minutes just to say hello and that we are there for you! 🙂

Level 3 – Ongoing support: We know that the issues childhood cancer families face do not end when the round of Chemotherapy stops. Families find out that they have needs along the way that they would have never considered. Our goal is to stay in touch with the family through the entire cancer journey and to provide help and support how and when it is needed.

If you or a family member would like to hear more about the help we can provide, please fill out the form below and someone from K Cancer Softball will reach out to you shortly!